Sunday Funday Mix – Pepper.Roni, “All You Can Beat”


Sunday’s the day we’re hungover and watching reruns of Love & Hip Hop (totally joking, that show is horrible), or listening to some mellow beats while doing some cleaning, playing with the cat, or trying to recover from the weekend. It’s a cool-down day for most, but I figure, why not keep the party going? “Sunday Funday Mix” is where I choose a mix or remake of anything I damn well please. This can include acoustic covers, beat tapes, awesomely sampled songs, or a prophetic project of any musicial creed. Keeping in trend with beat producers with an affinity for anything pizza, I chose Pepper.Roni’s “All You Can Beat” mixtape. He isn’t from Buffalo or anywhere near (he lives in Germany, according to his Soundcloud), but Pepper.Roni’s music is wildly imaginative. His first beat tape created in true trip hop style pulls sounds from all sources of inspiration; Vaudevilley, Southern-style grooves and a little bit of modern alternative, too. And he eases into each section like a skillfully-transitioned stage play. And if you like this, you’ll be happy to know he’s got “Seconds – The Rehash” come to a social media platform near you very soon.

Brb, going to go make a pizza and jam out in the kitchen.


One thought on “Sunday Funday Mix – Pepper.Roni, “All You Can Beat”

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